Original SCENAR products are legendary in their usefulness in pain management and resolution.  SCENAR stands for Self Controlling Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator. Scenar theory, therapy and devices have been developed in Russia since the end of the seventies, originally for Soviet Union spacecraft.




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FDA, HEALTH CANADA and CE cleared for the management of pain

and muscle relaxation

RITM OKB Zao, the pioneer of the genuine RITM SCENAR® & Kosmed International are proud to introduce the next generation of this electrotherapeutic medical technology. Made in the Netherlands since 2001 by Kosmed International and CE cleared - this has been the device of choice for thousands of Health Care Professionals. Device comes with a leather case and is covered by a two year warranty.


RITM SCENAR European version is sold with a Pacific Health Options Certified Training Course, 2 yr warranty, leather case, comprehensive PHO Level 1 manual and great customer service. $4200.00      

Scenar technology, is a breakthrough in non-invasive healthcare. Practitioners and research studies show that patients can recover up to 70% faster by interacting directly with one of the main control mechanisms of the human body which is the body's neural response mechanism. 

Evidence based trials show that, with the right stimuli, the human body is able to allocate more internal healing resources to speed up recovery from chronic pains, chronic diseases and injuries. RITM Scenar technology and RITM treatment protocols have been designed to facilitate this process and bring faster results than most other existing therapies.  

Pacific Health Options is a licensed Distributor and certified training institute as well as a Health Canada registered Medical Establishment licence holder. PHO sells and trains on genuine Ritmscenar equipment and treatment methods, offers a full service concept to help you achieve the same results in your hospital, therapeutic clinic or any other situation where fast recovery is desired. 


Healthcare professionals from all medical fields benefit from this revolutionary electropulse device derived from Russian Space technologies.

The genuine RITM SCENAR®  Professional series of devices are designed for use by medical & health care practitioners such as Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Nurses, Osteopaths, Rehabilitative Specialists, Massage Therapists & Sports Medicine Therapists to complement their treatments or to provide specialist RITM SCENAR® Therapy.

RITM SCENAR Pro is sold with a Pacific Health Options Certified Training Course, 2 yr warranty, leather case, comprehensive PHO Level 1 manual & dvd, customer service, + 12mths subscription to Scenar Professional Association of North America. 



Drs. John and Lorry Hache have been involved in the sales and training of SCENAR products in North America since 1999.  They have written Levels 1, 2 and 3 training programs that are used Internationally.  In fact they are credited with being the first to introduce congruent SCENAR training into North America as early as in the year 2000.  You can see from the above introduction, that Dr. Lorry Hache was very much a part of the SCENAR scene and was responsible for the initial promotion of SCENAR in the British media.

Originally developed for the Russian space program, SCENAR® is a leader in electrotherapeutic real time biofeedback.

Clinical and anecdotal experience over the last 25 years from therapists worldwide suggests positive results in the treatment of pain and dysfunction.  Contact us for a list of clinical studies.

See an amazing testimonial from the one and only T. Harv Eker. After a debilitating back

ache sidelined him, he called on Dr. John Hache to get him back on track. Listen to Harv as he describes as only he can, how this little known device got him back on his feet in record time. In fact, he went from bedridden to playing golf in three days.

See Australia's "A Current Affaire" for more testimonials on the SCENAR.


" Just a note to let you know that I have been using the Scenar device for inflammation and pain and healing of soft tissue problems with huge success. I feel like I know so little and yet am close to 100% success with treatments helping at least 70% if not 100%. I don't know what I would do without the device now. This works better than anything I have ever used to help people.

- Dr. Rick M. Smith, DC -

We thoroughly enjoyed the session.  We haven't put down the scenar since we got home.  Amazing how many things we are using it on.  We are feeling like it is a miracle in a box.


Mary M. Ziomek, D.D.S.